Thursday, 3 May 2012

Awesome: Airasia Live Chat

Air Asia Live Chat
On 30th April 2012, I was trying to contact AirAsia call centre via AirAsia general phone number (+603 2171 9333) just to found out that the general phone line has no longer active. That means I can no longer talk live to AirAsia agents as before. I can only use AirAsia Premium Customer Service Line (600 85 9999) with condition that I am the AirAsia X Guests. That doesn't sound like a good news to me because I am only the ordinary member. Furthermore, the charge is RM 1.95 per minute which I think is too expensive for me just to ask few question to AirAsia personnel.

I got very upset about it because all I just seeking for small help to change the passenger's gender which was wrongly registered when I bought the flight ticket earlier. Without wasting more time, I dialed the Premium Customer Service Line and I managed to talk to AirAsia personnel. But, they still not able to help solving my problem because they must start educating customer to use their new support system. Therefore, the personnel have introduced AirAsia Live Chat, their new way of managing customers' query.

Using the AirAsia Live Chat, I was able to chat with friendly AirAsia live agent, Lakshmi. With some verification done and after I shared my problem with her, Lakshmi was able to resolved my issue. I am very satisfied with the service and the ability to give prompt response by AirAsia personnel. The flow information thru chat room also were very smooth. Thus, I would recommend others to use the service. Good job to AirAsia......

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